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What is a speed limiter?

Road speed limiters were originally developed to meet the need to enhance road safety for commercial vehicles, buses and cars. More recently, their use has also aimed to reduce vehicle emissions since the implementation. Most brands and models of cars produced after these days are equipped with a control unit engine (ECU), a control unit and a small on-board computer that monitors engine performance.

The program that a manufacturer integrates into the control unit of a vehicle effectively defines the performance and driving experience of the vehicle. The manufacturer’s standard program includes a subroutine which is used to limit the speed of the vehicle by controlling the accelerator. This programming is used by car manufacturers to determine the maximum speed of the vehicle. While this programming gives manufacturers the flexibility to ensure that their vehicles meet the most important safety and emission regulations.

The installation of a speed limiter in your car / vehicle reduces fuel and operating costs, carbon dioxide emissions, improves road safety and extends the life of the vehicle. Quite simply, no other modification to a vehicle can bring such an immediate overall improvement.

Our speed limiter is suitable for a large number of commercial vehicles, passenger cars and equipment. Our speed limiter is programmed to provide the performance profile desired by your company. It is also an effective tool that contributes significantly to your company’s reduction objectives.

When it comes to speed limit solution, no other company in Nigeria does it better than we do. We have the experience, professional staffs and devices needed to get the job done perfectly We can offer this service because we have been in the automotive industry for over 10 years and are pioneers in this new technology. Car Tracking Nigeria was founded the main objective of installing speed limiters in vehicles to reduce fuel and operating costs, carbon dioxide emissions, road safety and the duration of vehicle life.

Our technicians who install the speed limiters are fully insured and approved in this state and have extensive training and experience. Our engineers can adapt the vehicle speed to the needs of your business. Whether your fleet consists of 5 or 5,000 vehicles, Car Tracking Nigeria can meet your needs.

Fleet management saves companies time and money with turnkey systems to meet industry-specific challenges.

Additional Benefits Tax reports, reports, invoices, driver logs and inactive warnings are automated as part of your parking lot system. These detailed statistics can be used to make operational improvements to your fleet, which will save you time and money.

Auto management is a constantly evolving industry. Thanks to technological advances and new accounting standards, this has enable us to streamline management and achieve operational success. At Car Tracking Nigeria, we support medium and large companies with 2 or more vehicles with flexible speed limiter solutions.

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Whatever the size of your fleet or the price of your car, we can offer you the best quality and financial satisfaction in its class.

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Our car tracking system ensures that your vehicle tracking data is always at hand. We are proud to offer our customers affordable car tracking solution in Nigeria.

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Our job is to efficiently operate your cars and fleet so you can focus on your business. We will help you integrate speed limiter in your existing car.

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World fleet leaders say they have never seen anything like Fleet Management. Even our competitors have admitted that this is the future of fleet management.

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Car Tracking Nigeria has worked with clients in southern Africa for more than three decades to optimize their fleets. 

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We have over 10 years of experience offering Car Tracking, Fleet Management and Speed Limiter solution to car owners.

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All our staffs are  certified and well equipped and have the experience and knowledge to handle your car tracking needs.

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We understand the high cost of tracking devices and we will do everything we can to save our customers money. 

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