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Fleet management requires knowledge of complex factors. Health and safety, maintenance management, workshop management, fuel and business management, and best practices. Therefore, if you take responsibility for managing your company’s fleet as part of your role or as a full-time job supporting your team, it is important that you have the relevant knowledge and skills to efficient fleet management. Transport and mobility are also of paramount importance for marketing, sustainable development and economic growth. As African countries respond to changing transport needs, it is important to develop all available human capital to improve the continental and global competitiveness of the transport sector and the supply chain. 

Car Tracking Nigeria is professional company with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We are proud to be a company trusted to provide the best fleet management services in Nigeria. When it comes to fleet management, no company does it better than Car Tracking Nigeria. Our fleet management system supports sending and receiving data for the entire mobile fleet and collecting data that can be entered directly by device operators.

Some of the main functions of our fleet management system include:

  • Speed warning and alarm
  • Hardware error clearing alarms
  • Proximity detection in the lower surface
  • Automatically captures and transfers data, reducing manual entry and human errors
  • Assignment of tasks and monitoring in real time

The main advantages

  • More control over your fleet
  • More security and awareness when managing your fleet
  • Reduce costs with Fleet Management and increase production
  • Measure and track performance targets accurately
  • Visualization of underground and surface fleets

The success and profitability of your fleet depends on many different tasks. Successful companies around the world use fleet management software to manage their fleets and maintain a high level of security, productivity, efficiency and compliance.

Choosing Car Tracking Nigeria as your preferred company for your fleet management needs opens the way to a new era of connected vehicles for your business which provides more information and perspectives to help you optimize your business.

The fleet management industry is a constantly evolving. Thanks to technological advances and new accounting standards, this has enable us to streamline management and achieve operational success. At Car Tracking Nigeria, we support medium and large companies with 2 or more vehicles with flexible fleet management solutions.

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Whatever the size of your fleet or the price of your car, we can offer you the best quality and financial satisfaction in its class.

car tracking

Our car tracking system ensures that your vehicle tracking data is always at hand. We are proud to offer our customers affordable car tracking solution in Nigeria.

speed limiter

Our job is to efficiently operate your cars and fleet so you can focus on your business. We will help you integrate speed limiter in your existing car.

fleet management

World fleet leaders say they have never seen anything like Fleet Management. Even our competitors have admitted that this is the future of fleet management.

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Car Tracking Nigeria has worked with clients in southern Africa for more than three decades to optimize their fleets. 

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We have over 10 years of experience offering Car Tracking, Fleet Management and Speed Limiter solution to car owners.

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All our staffs are  certified and well equipped and have the experience and knowledge to handle your car tracking needs.

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Cost Effective

We understand the high cost of tracking devices and we will do everything we can to save our customers money. 

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